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Originally Posted by colcifer View Post
Remember, they already had all those samples. Creating the REs took work but they weren't starting from scratch. Also, what would the Radical engine do for organs? Or guitars, strings, saxophones, or triangles?
I can say for Organ (B3's at least) being able to have control over the drawbars without having to open up a combinator and assign it is a plus, as well as having access to all of the controls ie; vibrato/chorus type, percussion 2nd and 3rd, tremolo, brake, and chorale (leslie control) , as well as sound shaping options such as key click, and mic positioning. Again without having to open a combinator and assign it. Alot of organists tweak some of these functions (drawbars especially) in real time like a synth so for this a simple preset patch isn't ideal.

As for guitars, strings, saxophones, and even acoustic pianos, those sound alot better as samples imho (Radical piano is a combination of samples and modeling). It would probably be better to have an updated/upgraded sample player that does scripting like uvi or kontakt for programming articulations...etc...