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Every time the channel meters get on my tits I'm gonna bump this. I'm totally flabbergasted as to why the Props didn't just do this when they made the new mixer??!!? For me, level setting is quicker and easier when meters show peak. It's how I learned to mix my levels, it's how I prefer to mix my levels, it's super quick to see your levels!!!

Changing the meter mode should affect ALL CHANNELS on the SSL mixer, NOT just the master. It's the only thing that is deterring me from using Reason right now and I know that may sound silly but I'm positive many others feel the same (some have already posted in this thread!).

C'mon Props get this sorted please!!! At least spill the beans if this is going to be sorted in the next update?.... You can do that... It's hardly a super-duper feature that you'd need to keep quiet

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