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Cool Bring Bundles to the RE Shop!

Maybe it's a question of habit or because I'm an entitled product of consumerist society but while browsing the RE Shop I often found myself longing for some sort of bundle pricing while considering buying several/all devices from a single developer.

I loved the u-he Uhbik A for instance and I'm considering getting the whole suite of effects but it kind of feels "wrong" having to buy every single effect individually for the full price, especially since the VST version is actually sold as a bundle...

The end result is that people (including myself) use (and abuse) the free trial month to carefully weight the pros and cons of every single little device before shelling out the cash. I think that many potential buyers would be a lot less timid if there was a real incentive to just get a bundle for a promotional price with the feeling of having made a great deal for the buyer (and a lot more revenue for the Props and the developers).

I think the introductory price was a great idea and I'm sure the pressure of *having* to buy something before the full price kicks in sold more than one device in the RE Shop.

Some form of bundle pricing would be another way of inciting people to spend their hard earned money on several REs...

It wouldn't even remotely feel tacked on either, the way REs are, the lack of bundles actually feels awkward. Imagine:
  • a u-he Bundle with all Uhbik series devices?
  • a Synapse Audio effect bundle?
  • an Ochen K. modular synth bundle?
  • A Jiggery-Pokery Spider bundle?

The actual % of the price reduction would be at the discretion of the developers/Props of course, but at least there would be something.

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