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Originally Posted by SteveDiverse View Post
I want a shopping cart option so i can buy multiple RE's in one transaction.

My bank card charges me an international transaction fee of 4.95 per transaction --- and if i try to purchase two (2) RE's for the same price on the same day, the second charge is declined because it is seen as a duplicate charge.

I'd even pay Props 4.95 to use the cart to buy multiple RE's in one transaction - because I hate paying my bank 4.95 just because I bought something from another country -- especially since all of their customer service reps are in another country.

shopping cart...please!
This is the one thing that the shop needs, in my opinion, as my bank charges £1.00 for every overseas transaction. It's the only reason I have held off from buying some of the cheaper REs, such as JP's Spiders - At today's exchange rate, they work out to £6.43 plus £1.00 overseas transaction charge = £7.43, so I get no benefit from the exchange rate.

Don't get me wrong, even with that extra £1.00, JP's stuff is worth it....I just begrudge giving that money to the bank - If it went to Props or to JP himself - than I wouldn't have a problem with it.

I did toy with the idea of moving banks, but after checking around, they all seemed to charge the same, or more.....

As a side note, there have also been reports of banks locking cards/accounts when multiple transactions have taken place on the same day.