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Question Best (Display) Monitor Setup for Reason 6.5?

I was wondering if people with a Display (IE Graphics/video, not speakers!) Monitor setup they were particularly happy with would care to share details of it. Photos of Reason 6.5 on said monitor(s) would be even better!

I was would be particularly interested in multi-screen setups, or ultra-wide monitors (eg Dell 29in UltraSharp U2913WM).

My old setup was a traditional monitor for the step sequencer, coupled with a second screen with a pivot rotated 90 degrees (IE vertically) for the rack. This worked great until the addition of the SSL mixer in Record came along.

I should mention I am an obsessive when it comes to workflow (anything to minimise clicks, keypresses, or dragging sliders around is a really big deal for me.

In case anyone cares, the driver for this question is that I'm speccing/building a new PC specifically as a dedicated device for Reason 6.5.

Thanks in advance folks!