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Red face The Deep Rhodes Sample on the Dr Octo Rex - recreating it in Reason without Dr Octo

Hey up Reason Users!

In Reason 6.5, the Dr Octo player has Deep Rhodes REX file in its Music Loops folder.

I've been wondering about it, as it seems to be the "magic Deep House sound" which is highly sought after.

Now, it would be too easy to just use the Preset provided or to use a sample pack (I'm pretty sure the pro's wouldn't) in a track so have therefore try to recreate it myself.

1. Does anybody have an idea where Propellerheads would have obtained that sample?

2. Does anybody know how to recreate that kind of filtered Rhodes sound or has successfully used the instruments in Reason to produce such a sound?

I've attempted to do this using the ElectroMechanical refills along with using distorition, reverb, chorus, etc. Whilst they are good, they don't quite have the same kind of sound.

Any tips or pointers would be fantastic!!!