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Cleaning up Mix Channels (Experts only;)

Hey this is kind of a complicated. I have a reason file that demonstrates what I'm talking about but here goes...
I'm still not 100% sure why we need a mix channel device (before there was just a cable to the mixer!)
I find having a mix channel device and the instrument a bit redundant, You have 2 devices where in older versions of reason you had one.
Anyway to clean up the rack I have started putting the instrument inside the mix channel device. This makes my rack a bit cleaner.
This works fine except when my instrument is a combinator. I drag the combinator into its mix channel device. It seems to just get rid of the original combinator and the mix channel becomes the combinator. This is fine except all the midi data I have recorded on the original combinator just disappears!
So I'm thinking the mix channel combinator doesn't have a midi in?
Whats going on ...Any thoughts?
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