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Originally Posted by standbyghost View Post
I understand that often it is the case that there are certain features to be added to an RE, or perhaps a bug or two or three to fix... Maybe some latency issue... But, I would also like to see upgrades in the actual coding of the devices from time to time! I'm not talking about like an Antidote 'Part Two' (a separate new RE)... I mean, maybe you could upgrade the actual DSP code of the instruments/device. A couple devices that I've been thinking of in this area (though I suppose we could always hope that ALL developers would heed this call): The ABL2 (could be grittier), The D.CAM EnvShaper (not sure how to say this, but it sounds like some ratios need tweaking), The iZotope Maximizer (could use more gradations for the peak limiting slider... Etc.

I know this might be asking you guys to dig back into things (code) that you could otherwise consider as 'locked', and YES, these devices can still be successfully implemented without further ado, but we DO live in the digital world of updates and so... MAYBE we could see some more in-depth processing code?

Just a thought! Hope you read this!
That's where Propellerhead stopped thinking when they came up with the Try-Buy system. Making major updates is unfair for people who just "tried" an older version and can't try the newer anymore, but have to just buy it.
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