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Hey man, I enjoy the song. I would not throw it in the trip hop genre, as really the drums don't have kind of that "glitch" sound do them that play in between the 4/4 beat. I mean, the song changes a bit throughout, and really not until about 3:27 does it start to have a "hip hop" or "rnb" vibe. It would be hard to classify it because there is a lot of stuff going on not in the norm. But I would almost throw it in like a dark chillout genre before throwing it into trip hop. Trip hop, to me, is like old Flying Lotus.

On a side note, I do like the compression on the drums, but to me, I think a little reverb on the drums that come in around 0:43 would go a very long way and add a little more spacial element to this pretty chill track. Overall, nicely done!