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Originally Posted by normen View Post

Also, I already said that a few times, its all about QC for audio devices and back then it was *expensive* to get out a device so you made sure it was right. Nowadays anyone can just put out some plugin and put some price tag on it. Most people sadly will then hear whatever the description says and the UI displays. There is however some emulations that just deliver: You get the same experience as with the hardware in terms of simple to achieve results that sound like you expect them from the device. And they wen through great QC so you don't get an update with "sound quality improvements" a year later.. "So what? It sounded bad all the time I used it?"


Problem we have is , too much of this

"just a plugin"

When the really good stuff does come along ultimately its engineers calling the shots anyway not the silly people, dare I say "deaf" (not trying to offend deaf people). lol
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