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Give me something i can work with

I love Reason but i find myself messing with other Daws lately. The process of making a beat isn't as fun as it used to be. Its getting slower and there's too much mouse work and i'm tired of using 3 programs to chop samples and convert to mp3. All of my producer friends are starting to use reason less and less. I'm like the last man standing.

I would like a controller with pads and led touch faders and a swing and note repeat feature
Recycle combined with Kong
Drag and Drop/and more efficient way to search for sounds
MP3 export
The ability to save a whole channel strip setting
A better way to group tracks/
Revap the 14:2 MIXER add a mid to the eq and pre and post to all aux channels
Built in effects into the SSL
have two panning features like protools on the ssl

If reason 7 doesn't bring it, i might have to move on to something else. That would be sad.