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Originally Posted by vanKloot View Post
3 displays, from left to right:

19" 4:3 Dell LCD at 1024x768 for the Reason Rack, Connected via a USB Display Adapter
30" Dell at 2560x1600 for the SSL, connected via Thunderbolt with an Apple Displayport adapter
27" iMac at 2560x1440 for the Reason Sequencer
That looks great; exactly the sort of thing I'm looking at doing. Funny how everyone seems to have a different instinctive 'feel' for what should go on which screen. For me, it's SSL on the left, sequencer centre and rack to the right.

One other question for peeps with very wide/multiple displays, how do you locate your speakers (audio monitors) around these so that their position isn't compromised by having the screen in the way/having to position them in sub-optimal positions in order to clear the screen?