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Originally Posted by pastoreric View Post
Work on the melody's deliverance (singing), only because it sounds as if you are "reading" the lyrics and the lyrics (melody) should flow and sound natural, as if you're speaking to the listener.
Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. Looks like there is a common sentiment that my vocal performance is pretty lifeless on this track. I'm starting to wonder if I may have killed the performance with too much pitch correction. (After 2:22 I used autotune as an "effect" but before that I pitch corrected manually with melodyne...and pretty aggressively at that)

Could you guys do me a favor and listen to these two clips. The first is a snippet from the track I posted above with heavy pitch correction and the second is completely untuned and raw. Both are ran through the exact same FX chain so they are identical in every way except for the tuning on the vocals.

It will be really big help if anyone can chime in and let me know if the pitch correction is what's killing the performance. It's fine if you say the vocal still kinda sucks untuned and that I need to really work on my singing...but I just need to know how much, if any, pitch correction is playing a role in the feedback I'm getting. THANK YOU!

Tuned -
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Untuned -
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