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Originally Posted by joeyluck View Post
Yeah, I'm actually holding out for a U-he bundle (with a price similar to the VST Uhbik bundle).

The VST bundle is $149.
The RE's at intro price altogether will be (all 9) $171
The RE's at regular price will be (all 9) $351
This is a good example. I can see a single u-he effect being worth 30-40 €, but paying 350 € for the full bundle is just crazy. That's more than the price of the full Reason 6 licence itself!

It's also more than twice the price of the VST version of the bundle which incidentally isn't limited to Reason (but *could* still be used with Reason via ReWire) and can be happily sold and licence-transferred as opposed to REs which are account bound.

Nobody in their right mind would ever consider buying all u-he effects unless there was a 149 € bundle price...

That being said it's just an example of course.
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