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I'm so tired of not having MIDI out. I even tried RT's extension and while it worked, it's not enough for me (RT did an excellent job. Thanks RT.).

I don't know what is their hidden logic behind this fundamental flaw. Using RT's hack and having myself developed remote maps and codecs for my purposes I don't believe this omission is due to a technological problem. Reason has an intentionally crippled MIDI out implementation.

Two weeks ago I finally took the plunge and upgraded Ableton Live. I gave Ableton €224 that could be given to the Props (in future updates, refills and REs). MIDI out was not the only reason (no pun intended) for getting Live, but it was the most important one.

I'll keep using Reason, but it's been relegated to a sound module. I'm waiting for R7 to see what is their focus now. But without MIDI out, I'll probably just export my songs and sell my license.