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Originally Posted by BoddAH View Post
This is a good example. I can see a single u-he effect being worth 30-40 €, but paying 350 € for the full bundle is just crazy. That's more than the price of the full Reason 6 licence itself!

It's also more than twice the price of the VST version of the bundle which incidentally isn't limited to Reason (but *could* still be used with Reason via ReWire) and can be happily sold and licence-transferred as opposed to REs which are account bound.

Nobody in their right mind would ever consider buying all u-he effects unless there was a 149 € bundle price...

That being said it's just an example of course.
Very true. If someone were able to catch all of the intro prices from the beginning, the price would at least be somewhat comparable to the VST bundle (being only $22 more instead of $202 more). With a price difference being that great when purchased individually, I can only assume a bundle option is in the future for the RE store.