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Yeah in my opinion, the pitch correction really doesn't add anything here. It's not like you're wildly off-key or anything, just a little "raw" which personally I like and think it lends to sort of a "pained" feeling in the track... which given the lyrical content, fits.

Go uncorrected, Yep yep yep.

As for a remix, I'd be honored to take a stab at this... if you can send me your Reason file as a self contained song, that should be all I need I think. I have 6.5, though if you used any Rack Extensions I'll need to know which they are since i probably don't have them. You could bounce those tracks to audio, or I could use a trial to get them and just make sure I do the remix within 30 days.

PM me and we can discuss it more. I'm a big fan of male vocal trance, so I'm very excited about this. This is going to be a fun project, I can't wait!
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