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Originally Posted by dchordUNLIMITED View Post
so the orginal owner still can download a reason and use it (or upgrade it, and got a new box, if its a retail one) if he's online with his original account, am I right ?

Always make sure you get the authorisation card either for Reason 6.x, if bought as Reason 6, or if it was an upgrade, then the original Reason 1-5 or Record which was upgraded from (known as your base license). Reason 1-5 require the discs to install so make sure you get those too although you can buy replacements from props. Reason 6.x is available as a download so you don't need the media.

Replacement discs and ignition key here

Edit, BonezMcCoy answered your actual question above as I went off on a tangent :-/