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hello, i finally got my workflow working with reason 6.5.3 64 bit recording/remxing live into acid pro 7 32 bit only having to use ASIO4ALL 2.12...did a lot of surfing for how to get asio4all opened up on all inputs/outputs:

""by disabling "windows audio" in the service manager
in Windows 7, I dont know if its the same in Vista or xp.

Right click my computer go to manage, then go to service at the bottom
of the menu tree, on the right scroll down to windows audio and stop the service,
it will disable all windows sounds and you will not hear anything with it.
But now, you can use asio4all without complications.""

then i opened up acid pro, and went to audio devices, selected asio4all and selected MUXED1in (everything else is deselected)

then i opened up reason, and selected asio4all and selected speaker1(out) (everything else is deselected)

(i have IDT audio on an hpdv4 laptop)

after recording was done...i switched on HPout (headphones) and was able to listen and eq the newly recorded remix...

so now i am happy...i don't have to use/learn REAPER unless i want to rewire it to reason in 64bit...thanks for all your help, j