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Angry Do I upgrade my Mac or my PC for Reason 5?

I am still using Reason 5. However my Macbook is about 7 years old and cannot be upgraded to 10.8, so I am running 10.7.5. It has huge swapping issues even when I only have 5 tabs open in Chrome. For example, it takes 6 seconds for the hidden dock to appear, and sometimes activating Expose takes up to 15 seconds! I don't now how to solve these problems. However Reason 5 runs flawlessly, no latency, nothing, works perfectly!

So I figured I'd try my lack with a PC. I have Wndows 8 and Reason 5 runs perfectly. But I still have the exact same issues on there as I do on my Mac. If I try to open more than 6 tabs in Chrome, or any other browser, even IE10, it starts swapping like crazy! Sometimes disk actiivty as at 100% for 10 minutes before it stops. But Reason works fine as long as I close all others.

Both computers are dual-core, around 2.2gHz, and with 2GB of ram. There is at least 20 GB of free space on both systems.

I've noticed that both OSes when loaded without any apps, use up around 1.5GB! That's a lot. So I figured the solution is to upgrade either computer to 4GB or 8GB of ram. But the trouble is, I can only afford to upgrade one!

So my question is, which one? Should I use Reason 5 on PC or Mac, and is there a benefit to either choice? I should also point out that if I want to use more than 4GB of RAM on my PC, I'd have to backup, reformat, and then install WinXP or Win7 somehow, and then I can upgrade to Windows 8, since Microsoft doesn't allow a clean fresh install unless you have a previous OS installed. Really draconian of them.

So any advice?