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Nice job! Your song is stuck in my head now... I'm feeeeeeling like..
Every time a song get stucked in someones head = win win WIN

Some pointers though
- If you want to go all out Cher on autotune, do it troughout the whole track. I personally think you shold stick with the vocals from the first part of the song. It's not a bad idea adding a effect to the voice, what with more delays on the burn, burn, burn part?
- I was waiting for a snare to enter. After the Burn, burn burn part.. With a synth solo on the top, lifting to new hights.
Maybe I'm to pop-orientated
- Vocals need some trimming I think.. The line "When we never dream" sounded a bit off-tempo. Maybe to many words. I'm no expert, just saying what I felt while listening your song.

I'm feeeeeeling like!