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Originally Posted by selwync View Post
i have also had my card suspended for making multiple purchases from another country in a short period of time.
Yes, that tends to happen fairly often these days, all in the name of "security" of course (read: all in the name of preventing your bank being able to take any blame for crooks circumnavigating Chip'n'Pin protection, the only Pinning then is the "blame onto you", the bastards).

But in any event stuff like transactions being declinded by banks is out of the control of PH and they can't be blamed for this. (When it happens doing your weekly grocery shopping in your local Sainsburys it's surprisingly embarrassing when you've got a queue of other customers behind you... purely hypothetically of course... lah-di-dah ).

That per-purchase bank fee charging is a major issue with the PropShop though, and does need to be addressed extra, extra pronto.

Bundle deals isn't really urgent, just a nice addition for us to be able to offer: many of us have multiple products available, so I can't be only one who would definitely offer a bundle deal.
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