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Some issues that are VERY frustrating.


Scenario 1a.
> I start a track.
> Build something in half an hour.
> My USB stick that contains my samples somehow disconnects.
> I get the default message that a drive was disconnected improperly and it connects again. (I don't take it out.. I "touch" it, yes it's broken -need to buy a new one. No money atm)

> Can't save my file. Says:

"File not found:

The Operation could not be finished because a file could not be found"

> All done for nothing. Have to start all over again.

Scenario 1b.
> I start a track-> But save it right away.
> All goes well. Until my drive disconnects again.. somehow.
> Can't save progress...
> Find out I didn't save the progress I made since half an hour ago.
> Have to redo ALL of that AGAIN.

>>>> Fuck my life

Scenario 2a.
> Have small audio file of, like, 4mb.
> Have diskspace of like, 1GB left (Yes I paid €200 extra for a SSD of 128GB instead of a HDD of 750GB. Sue me)
> Can't import ANY audio file, because too little room left on disk. Even though the file I want to import is SOOOOO small.
> Damn

Scenario 2b < Read this one... I mean.. Seriously: What.the.fuck
> Have Thor selected in sequencer
> Press RECORD button to record MIDI (MIDI. M.I.D.I. ffs)
> Can't record because not enough diskspace left for AUDIO, it says. I want to record MIDI but I can't, because there's not enough room for AUDIO... WHY? Props, WHY?
> Fuck.My.Life

Aside from that. Reason is boss.
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