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Rewire - A small complaint (really)

I use Reason within my Pro Tools 10 sessions often...I do love it. But I do have a small beef. Often, I want to route a sound through Rewire for further processing on a PT Aux track. Mostly, I like to do this with drums from Kong or Redrum. I get how the Rewire process works to set all that. What I don't get is why each individual pad on Kong will only allow a stereo out. It makes it annoying to have to go through pads and fuss with panning hard left or right to get mono Rewire outs to mono Aux ins on Pro Tools. Most drums are mono anyway. Why do it that way? Why can't each output on the back of Kong correspond directly with the same numbered pad as a MONO output? Or let the user assign the outputs they want for each pad (mono or stereo). This having to pan left or right is for the birds!

I'm not seeing the logic behind that. Can someone enlighten me?

Like I said, its a small complaint, but one that I hope will be addressed in some future version...(ahem) 7.0 (cough).