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Unhappy Oh but it will be super complicated!

Well the PC is running Windows 8 Pro. I bought the upgrade downloadable version from without buying the installation media! The only way to re-download it again is to have another Windows OS already installed. I did some digging and there is an ESD directory that contains the downloaded components, but even with that the installer requires to "upgrade" a previous version of the OS.

If I want to use more than 4GB of ram, I have to install the 64-bit version of Windows 8. The installer will only do that if the previous Windows is already 64-bit!!! I didn't know any of that and so when I was upgrading, because I had Windows 7 32-bit, it got the 8 32-bit version instead, which is limited to 4GB

Thanks for letting me know about mactrackker, I am also quite shocked to find out there's a 2GB limit ... I'll probably upgrade the PC and maybe bump to Reason 6.5!

Thank you.. :-/