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Reason "System Tray" icon in the Notification Area

One thing I cannot stand is that when working on a PC, if you close the last song/project (as in, you don't have any songs/projects open) you have entirely closed Reason.

Back in the day, there was an Application Window that kept the Reason engine loaded in the ram so that you could easily close out of one song and move to another (In fact, every other DAW you know and love still works in this fashion.) This enabled you to work on one project at a time, instead of having to "leap frog" from one project to another like you have to do now if you don't wish to exit Reason.

On a Mac, I understand this is not a problem. The Reason engine stays loaded until you quit Reason from the top menu. However, on a PC, if you close the only or last song you have open, you have to start from scratch just to open another song. This means waiting for Reason to load all over again.

I can see how *not* having an application window makes the program feel a little more sleek, but at the expense of having to restart the program over and over, or face always having to have one project open? Yeah... not so sleek.

So what I propose is a Reason Icon in the system tray area that will allow you to access a condensed version of the "File" menu. From here, you will be able to create a new song, load songs from your project folder, save songs, see recently opened projects, and best of all, Reason will not unload until you exit the program from the system tray.

I can virtually guarantee that this simple measure will make everyone into a trillionaire.