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Originally Posted by amphibian View Post
hi koshal...
like has been said this is not what i normally listen to but i do really like it ...
i also listened to your clips and i like it un-tuned too ...i like raw, not that i can sing i have a voice like a goose farting in the fog ...and also i'm no expert, just learning, but hey man aren't we all nice try and i look forward to hearing more ...ATB...AL...
Originally Posted by Wensell View Post
Nice job! Your song is stuck in my head now... I'm feeeeeeling like..
Every time a song get stucked in someones head = win win WIN

Some pointers though
- If you want to go all out Cher on autotune, do it troughout the whole track. I personally think you shold stick with the vocals from the first part of the song. It's not a bad idea adding a effect to the voice, what with more delays on the burn, burn, burn part?
- I was waiting for a snare to enter. After the Burn, burn burn part.. With a synth solo on the top, lifting to new hights.
Maybe I'm to pop-orientated
- Vocals need some trimming I think.. The line "When we never dream" sounded a bit off-tempo. Maybe to many words. I'm no expert, just saying what I felt while listening your song.

I'm feeeeeeling like!
Thanks guys..appreciate the feedback!

Originally Posted by raymondh View Post
Did you say FIRST track? I don't believe it! Well done.

I really like the dark pads. Nice modulation - quite tense.

You also have a good voice.

looking forward to hearing more!
Originally Posted by carlgrace View Post
That is one hell of a good first track. My first 20 tracks were pathetic.
Thanks, yeah like I said I've been into music production for a while, and have tons and tons of ideas stored up but I've had some serious struggles with really bad perfectionism and actually finishing things. So I'm not "new" per se, just new to finishing.

Even this track, it was very hard because I know it can be much, much, much better, especially vocally where I have always had serious trouble with expression and emotion. I guess I'm trying to chip away at the perfectionism issues and just release stuff regardless. It's really hard but I'm taking baby steps now I guess.

I appreciate the positive feedback!