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Hi, thanks for all your help. I looked at the YouTube video, and l am sorry to say that the video shows a Reason-AcidPro-Windows set up that works, whereas what happens on my setup is nothing like that - everything that happens after the "Insert Soft Synth" button is pressed is totally different. When l press that button, l get nothing or if l am on Reason 32-bit, l see the Reason inputs, but selecting them gives a mixer channel that does just nothing.

I don't get any new windows pop up in Acid Pro, with further Reason options. I get a complete lack of desire by Acid Pro and Reason to talk to each other. The YouTube video shows Acid Pro and Reason kind of eager to talk to each other.

With my setup, they don't talk to each other and they don't even want to talk to me either! Thanks anyway.