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Sample slicing ?

Ok, I am able to instantly Sample things in Reason. But , hey, you did Recycle, and now? there is still no beat slicing possible. Not to speak of slicing at transients. Why not ? Maschine does it, Akai MPC Ren does it. Reason reason could outdo the other to in possibilities if it did. It wouldn´t take to much efforts i think.Propellerheads release videos how to do workarounds. THAT IS NOT SOMETHING ANYONE COULD CALL WORKFLOW ! I want sample editing with transient detection and beat slicing, so i can use my samples directly in octo rex... i like reason so much, but you let it die in some ways. propellerheads, i don´t need midi out or vst´s. but you claim to have all in a box, WHICH IS NOT TRUE, even though you had the possibilities.