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Originally Posted by djphathead View Post
In the mean time you can buy some great videos from or they have some of the best videos I have come across. Also some great books to pick up, "The Art of Mixing" by David Gibson and "The Mixing Engineers Handbook" by Bobby Owsinski are some of the best books I've ever read about mixing.
These are mainly about mixing techniques and not about Reason. You can apply any of these mixing techniques within any DAW. It's all about the mixing techniques if you want that "pro" sound.
Thanks but what I'm specifically seeking is live/personal engagement - not self-help/assistance from books/videos - apologies if I initially didn't clarify that. Reason being is I'm at a point in my life where I've amassed a good wealth of production knowledge and expertise but doing it alone is or can be overwhelming/depleting. It would be ideal to have a co-engineer/producer to partner up with in addition to reinforce my passion/drive a.k.a. routinely recharge the battery on my back. We're all aware of how grueling and discouraging life can be at times, especially to those pursuing a career/livelihood in the entertainment industry.