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Originally Posted by VOLCANIC View Post
hi guys i have been meaning to ask this for some time

i see quiet lots of threads asking about reason rewire to other DAWS for maybe better quality and or better audio soud recording. mostly they ask about PRO TOOLS and litttle of CUBASE. which one is better between the TWO, CUBASE AND PRO TOOLS and is REASON NOT ENOUGH?
Cubase has better MIDI handling than Pro Tools, And Pro Tools probably has better audio handling than Cubase.

They are both very capable programs... as is Reason.

Reason 6.5 (the current version...) doesn't have all of the features of Cubase or Pro Tools, but it does have all of the feature required to make music.

However, some of the features in other apps work well together with Reason, so some people use rewire to use the features from both apps together.