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Originally Posted by CeriJC View Post
Thanks for all the responses folks, keep 'em coming!

I should mention that I've looked at the 27" Mac at a friend's house and the resolution was what made me think 1440P would be good. I was thinking of getting the 27" Mac for a while (given the intended use of the machine), but have now settled on a PC for this project.

Nice setup! I had never considered a fourth monitor for 'tools', (specifically, the 'F8 Tool strip', Audacity, Notepad) thanks for the idea; I can certainly repurpose one of my current low-res monitors for this.

Any chance of a pic of it in action?
Also, what sort of graphics card are you using to drive 4 monitors (or are you using two off the motherboard's built-in graphics card and two off the dedicated graphics card)?

Out of interest, what led you to go for a landscaped monitor for the mixer (a portrait display with the whole of one channel strip on screen at one time would be brilliant)?
I'll try shoot a pic and post tonight...

I have two ATI Radeon cards one X1300/X1500 and a X1600 XT.

I really don't like the look of the entire channel strip on a portrait, the sliders appear to short and squat. That's why I say I'd prefer "customization" ability, it would be nice to lengthen and widen the sliders for instance. I use Reaper and I can customize the mixer it looks good in portrait view.

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