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Originally Posted by itierney View Post
I can put other devices (an NNXT) inside the mixer channel and still have them receive the midi? The track remains sending its midi to the NNXT or whatever. What I think is happening is when I try put a combinator into the mix device it deletes the combinator and the midi track. Why does it do this?
well the mix channel device is essentially an FX combinator (plus a mixer channel in the mixer window).
sadly you can't put a combinator into a combinator. therefore no combinator in the mix channel devices.
actually what happens if you try and put the combinator into the mixer channel is the same that happens, when you try and put a combinator inside another combinator.
Think about it.
If you like that kind of workflow, you can have a Rack column dedicated to mixer channel devices, and you'll have essentially the same workflow as before, only you have mixer with way more controls in a seperate window.
I tend to keep my instruments and mixer channel devices stacked, because I find it 'tidier'.