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Hey everyone,

Long time Reason user but the time has finally come. I no longer use it and so I have decided to sell it. If you are interested let me know. $250 is a great deal. I wish the RE's would transfer as well since I bought Buffre, Polar, and Etch Red but oh well. I have the license, dongle and DVD. It would be great if anyone interested was local to me (Central Valley Northern California) as I have a hard drive with over 100GB of Refills and 29GB of REX files that I will no longer need and am willing to share (not to mention 181GB of various sample kits and 1GB of MIDI files). It's basically my entire collection over the past few years. It was a great run with Reason and I had a lot of fun using it.

All the best,
hi, $250 is fair price, but because I can see your earlier posts , I gonna pay (200 EUR through PayPal to your mail) if the license is transfered ( : method one)

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