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Originally Posted by marcuswitt View Post
Why not? As long as you don't need audio inputs to record external sources.
Oh, can't you use the audio ins on it? (see attached image of back panel) Is that only for the room correction sampling then? I was under the impression I could use these to connect a mixer (to allow me to connect a guitar, external synth, etc.)

Originally Posted by marcuswitt View Post
ERGO's sound quality is just awesome and its latency is really low, i.e. down to 32 samples - depending on your host computer's performance, of course. And if Reason's next major update will support MIDI OUT then your Nektar P4 will act as a simple MIDI OUT interface. :-) I hope that helps.
Wow, I cannot believe I overlooked that. I always thought of Midi out on the Nektar as being to use the Nektar as a controller keyboard over midi (rather than USB). I never even thought about the midi port on it/using that as a midi out, because at the moment, I use my M-Audio for that. I even forgot that it had it, if I'm honest. Thanks very much!
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