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Originally Posted by pjeudy View Post
Mix channel is a complete waist !!!!

it's just a design issue to me .. REASON needs a super combinator that has all the features of a standard combinator and the mix Channel all in one !!!

This is not hardware it's software, props have a little more flexibility to add both together..I hate the MIX CHANNELS !!

I hate clicking on them by mistake when I have a 32 tracks project ! 32 combinators plus mix channels equals 64 devices in the rack! never mind what's in them.
I respect your opinion.
However I personally think the addition of the mix channel devices is brilliant!
if they weren't there, there would be no way of using the channel compressor to do sidechaining, no way of using cv to automate panning or level.
Also only because of the mix channel, we can record internal signals, use the send effects, to create feedback loops, et cetera.
How else would you like to see those features integrated into the rack?
You must put the cables somewhere right? Else the Rack metaphor would be obsolete?