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This free download of 1,338 female vocal clips opened up a new door in R6 for me:!41 .

A tip from my working with it: the 1,338 .wavs are comprised of really about 170 different phrases that the vocalist does six to ten different “styles” of each phrase - soft, medium, hard, etc., so the way that I “created a song” was by looking for a texted phrase I liked, then playing it to see if it “fit” and then selecting the soft/hard/etc. for the best fit. Then, you do your magic with R6 by razoring, pitch and duration (stretch) adjustments to get how you want the vocalist to actually sing it. So, you end up being the "lyricist" and melody maker as well.

The .wavs are also arranged in six subfolders by genres (including opera!); I used a total of 12 clips from the Rock and Trance folders. So, glance through the texted phrases first to get a feel for what’s available and then start playing the clips for selection.

If you’d like to hear the result of my having a blast with it, 100% of the vocals here are from my doing Reason razor/stretch/splice/etc. wonders on 12 clips from that free download: .

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