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Originally Posted by ccooper8167 View Post
Oh, and the ability to punch in. Started recording vocals and realized there is no punch in feature or record between locators.
If you are referring to punch recording audio IMO I think Reason's setup is nicer.

Reason basically has punching, it is just not automatic. but there is nothing stopping you for recording your corrections over your bad take, double clicking the clip and then going into the comp editor to meld your new take into the old one.

A lot of people in Reason don't know about this feature and that is one of the features Props actually got right. Many DAWs have this feature but out of the ones I use, I like Reason's the best.

Ableton IMO is horrible when it comes to doing comps. It is one of the few DAWs without a dedicated comping system.

On a typical DAW (such as Reaper) I usually use two tracks to punch, I record the punch on the new track and after the recording I will comp the track into one.

In Reason I don't have to do it this way. I actually punch in how I do on an old tape recorder except Reason is better because you still have you old/new take and can go in and make the edit to cut the new take with the old take and you have all the crossfading tools to do it perfectly.

That said, I also have been using Live lately and on many areas (Session View, Warping, Slicing, Drum Racks, Simpler/Sampler, Zooming, Fold notes in piano roll, Mute notes in the piano roll, Snap to grid resolution goes to 1/65535ths, Drag&Drop, Grouping, Quicker Sidechaining setups, Track Freeze, Max4Live, Live Racks have 8 knobs, Live Racks are nestable, more esoteric factory synths, more quality factory sample libraries although Reason has waay more variety in its samples. VSTs and AudioUnits), it does a lot more elegantly than Reason.

But in other areas Reason does things better (Auto Arm track on selection, Can start arrange recording with one button click, Generally easier automation, Comping, CV, Full control of audio effect routing (although Live isn't a slouch here and in many cases a lot quicker for certain tasks), IMO better Factory Library less esoteric/more bread&butter, More quantity factory presets, IMO synths are more easier to understand, Remote is IMO better implemented than Live's Automap although Live has arguably more options for dedicated controllers, Cool REs and effects you cant get in VSTland, generally a bit more stable (although Ableton does a good job maintaining its stability compared to other DAWs) )

Both have their ups and downs.