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Hi everyone,

Iv been using reason 3.0 for nearly a decade now and iv just bought the new Balance Audio Interface which came with Reason Essentials but i have absolutely no clue on how to record vocals. I am completely new to the new Reason and recording vocals. I have a microphone connected to my AppleMac but i have no clue how to set it up on reason essentials.

Can anyone please give me a real 'Dummys Guide' on how to set up my microphone and start recording vocals over a track that i have already produced on reason 3.0 please??? Can't do this - see above. You would have to export the track and import to Essentials (I think)

Much appreciated and Many Thanks
This may be the problem. Check your set up.

1. plug Mic cable into Balance. Ensure cable is of known good quality and in proper working order.
2. plug Balance USB into computer
3. Press in the little 48V button on the back of Balance
4. Turn on computer & Launch Reason
5. Check the front of Balance and see the 48V red light illuminated next to the Left or Right level knobs.
6. Plug in headphones or turn on monitors.
7. Turn up the big knob for either main out or headphones.
8. hear sounds.