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Originally Posted by 3rdFloorSound View Post
How many users have had threads started wondering about where they went?

Look up "Brent" in the user forum search and as a side benefit you'll see us prognosticating about a change in your username somewhere in the vein of "Lunedig SisteamChapelOne
Oh sthop it you guyth otoh that was some good fu king chinese. And mysteriously my old job just sent a check in the mail today for $700, which covers almost all of my car expenses from this winter. God you sly bastard!

If you're wondering why I keep deleting my SC it's a long story, but I had been stupidly trying to hide the fact that I was working and chatting with other women from my wife. She's always afraid I'm gonna run away with some girl from the interweb, but the fault is all mine for not being more open with her. She found out anyways, so yeah.

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