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Originally Posted by markomarkh View Post
Does this laptop by google which has a chrome os have a future in music software like reason?
I'm going to say *NO*, *THIS* computer will not... but something similar, i would say, yes.

Look at the posts on these forums related to latency, 'computer too slow', etc... and realize that those comments related to where all of everything happens on the local computer.

If you want to move everything to the internet, then all of those things have to happen over people's internet connections.

Some day, it's probable that the worst internet bandwidth will be better than anything any of us have in our local setup which point, it could be possible for someone with a controller in New York, and someone with a mic in Tokyo, to record to a computer in London with less latency than any of us get today with the audio interface connected to our own computer.

...when everything on the 'internet' works at light speed (i.e., Jan 1, 2100)

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