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Thumbs down Progress stopped?

I'm gonna say this even though I know I'll be hated for it. but seriously I'm getting tired of reason..

All the rack extensions are designed to pay tribute (especially the ones by PH) . Now with rotor, it shows that PH ain't doing a good enough effort to bring us advanced tools like I have always wished for ..

Granular synthesis, a simple spectrum analyser, simple and effective grain delay.. so many more but I can't think of them right now.

My point is that PH should stop paying tribute to all the classic things like rotor and px7; and other really simple and in-effective tools by 3rd parties. AND start giving us some versatile and powerful tools..

Why are you keeping Reason so low tech when it has the potential to the best the most advanced in the market?

NI are miles ahead of PH in their synthesis with synths like : absynth; fm8 and massive ...

synthesis seems to be given no importance at all ; and sound design is out of the question.

I love reason with all my heart but I think it's time to move on.