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Originally Posted by PsyTale View Post
Hey man,

listen we all are bi-polar. Think of every musician as a dual pitch shifter, you never know what your going to get; one time it could be sweet and loving the other its rumbling and evil.

Basically we all grew up with heroes in music, we all listened to our favorite songs and this is what created our community; the will to become one of our heroes is soo strong, that we have to struggle for years and years to even come near them one bit.
To become a famous person you will need a good plan especially with everyone being a pretentious bastard musician nowadays.

I have posted it before, but only 10 years ago every musician you found online was interested in one another. Today most people are only interested in themselves. I mean seriously look at the amount of people that post their music here on the forum but dont listen to other peoples music. They most of the time expect an answer within a few hours and have no respect for anyone on the forum.

My advice, have your february moodswing and we will fully accept it, but dont sell reason man. You dont have a good enough REASON! Or do you

I know what you mean, I made a huge effort to keep up with everyone's music on SC but these days I'm lucky if I get an hour after all responsibilities are taken care of. I wanted to be the next Trent Reznor but now I'll be happy if I can just finish a decent album one day soon. I have a hard time listening to the radio because that success just taunts me.