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Piano Roll Scale Highlighter

So lately I have been trying to learn more and more about music theory. That is definitely a challenge that takes time to fully understand and grasp however, it can be very rewarding and inspiring when understood. As user friendly Reason is, I thought it would be a neat feature if there was some sort of scale highlighter or "key signature" highlighter. I keep calling it a highlighter because my thoughts were; what if you had a button like the ReGroove, that when you click on it it brings up scales and key signatures. Lets say you want to create a song in the key of E Minor or would like to learn that scale. Well once you enable the "scale" button it brings up the "key" and you select E then Minor. Once that has been selected if you go to your piano roll it has all the keys that are not inside that particular key grey'd out, but the "keys" that are in that scale are white. But you can still use those grey'd out notes or keys incase you need "accidentals" or whatever. I think that could really help some people learn scales and further improve their writing ability. But that's just a thought I had! Not sure if that would be good or worth it.