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Question Question for the prodigy fans?

Hi all, years ago like 20 years ago when I first got into the prodigy I thought they were the greatest band ever and was a fan until recently, I've listened to some of their new tracks on YouTube and not that excited about them like jetfighter, AWOL, dogbite and the day seem pretty average tunes to me! I've downloaded this the new album which I think is fake or fan remakes that are doing the rounds, it seems the fans can make prodigy tracks just as good as the prodigy, one new track I like is bidness which I think is a fan tune but if it ain't prodigy then it's a good fake! I dunno if I'm into prodigy anymore! They seemed to be drowning in fanboy remakes/fakes/remixes! I just hope the final albums better than the one I've downloaded and they should knock it on the head I think, what you think?