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.... another reason (excuse the pun) why I think Reason 7 will be such a pivotal iteration is because of how RE's work i.e. they are locked to Reason & non-transferable. So once you've purchased an RE you're on your own. Not a problem for me as an avid Reason user. But it has made me think a lot more seriously about which RE's I actually buy & their overall value. Again, I don't think this is a bad thing ..... unless it all goes pear shaped with Reason, God forbid! RE's may be future proof so far as Reason goes. But how future proof is Reason?! There are no guarantees in this arena & as we've seen the best solutions to problems are not always the ones that prevail. Nobody wants to be left high & dry after spending their hard earned on Rack Extensions. So while I think RE's for Reason are the best thing since sliced bread I think they have really raised the stakes as far as the Reason platform is concerned. Again, all eyes point to Reason 7 for Reason fans to see where Propellerheads take the platform & what it is ultimately worth to them.