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As I explained, my first reply was overly pissy, and the second reply is clearly a joke, (and even contains end-tags and a post script where I explain my overt pissiness.)

Oh well. You can't have any fun these days.

Or can you?


Anyway, I hear you jkheal, and regardles Mayor, rest assured that I'm kidding in my last post. Even so, I'm not too terribly keen on the idea of having a blank "placeholder" open so that I can move between projects. I see where that would consume minimal resources, and is a neat workaround, but I still think they can do better.

My bad for the horseplay. But check in the bottom little section of my last post there where I indicate that I might be joking. As I said, in the FIRST reply I was pissy for the reasons I mentioned. Don't sweat it, I'm not even close to being upset here.