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how to use master out and control room out together

hello, using win 7 pc, can someone advise me on how to use the master fader and the control room out (with monitoring sends/returns) together please...

i was watching the video with gary broham using the ssl and he talked about the control room out but on the back of the rack the master audio out was left empty and then one of the comments said:

"Just a thought about The Bus-Compressor SideChain Routing .
Wouldn't it be better if the Sidechain Eq is fed from the
Master-output instead the Controlroom Out .
If you lower the level of the control out , the bus comp behaviour will change .
So with the alternate routing you can listen whatever you want ,
the Bus-Comp will sound the same"

so now i'm trying to resolve the whole issue/understand what's going on

the video is here:

and he starts talking about side chain compression at about 13:52

please help, thanks, j