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Audiocopy to garage band + free porn

I have purchased Figure app recently. I have an iPod Touch 3rd GEN. Whenever I copy the "songs" using Audiocopy function into GarageBand there is a huge loss in quality of the sound. Further, as to improve my recordings, I usually "audiocopy" 1 single track (drum, bass or lead) from Figure at a time, thus allowing me to build several tracks in garage band and re-arrange them as I wish.
Figure sound output is PHENOMENAL!! (with ths "tweaks" easily audible and great) , but recording a song with a GarageBand is making me dissapointed.
Anyway to improve the sound quality of the recordings? I understand that GarageBand is a simple software... If I'd be using a better quality software|machine would the results be (far) better??
Let me know if other more expensive softwares would solve my problem (I am seriously thinking of buying a "big Mac", to continue to explore Proppelerhead apps).