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Originally Posted by peterlansford View Post
I don't think I fully understand the dilemma here. You can't put a Combi inside of a Combi but you can have your synth Combi wired into the Thor filter Combi. Can't you just put the compressor in the second Combi after the Thor?

I personally use Synapse AF-4 for filtering. Great sound.
Yes, that I can't put a Combi in a Combi is clear. The routing from a combi in another combi was a good idea but the artefacts are still there. I finished the track today and it seems that these peaks not that bad as I thought they would when I come to mastering.
60% of the track I did in Reason 4 (I switched to Reason 6 some months ago) and so I was not really motivated to give every instrument a new Reason 6-mixer-channel. I think if I had done this the problem would be solved (Because in every mixer-channel in Reason 6 already is a HP and compressor).
In new tracks I will definitely work with this cool new Reason 6-features.

Thanks again for your help!